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Your business should not only have a domain name and able to be found on the web, but should also look presentable and provide your customers or clients vital information about your business. We’ll do all of this for you!

Easy Configuration

Ok, I know some of you are thinking “how am I going to find the time to get my website up and running?” Well, you’ve come to the right place. Easy configuration means TW Websites handles ALL of that for you. You just provide us the needed information and we’ll configure the website to your preferred specifications.

Professional Results

At TW Websites, we don’t just quickly slap something together for you and move on. We provide one-on-one communication with you until you’re completely satisfied. We strive to make your website have the “Look and Feel” of a unique professional business.

e-Commerce with Opencart

So, you have products you’d like to sell online? Let TW Websites build you an Opencart e-Commerce website store. You can even manage it yourself if you want or let us add the products. Opencart comes with an easy intuitive ADMIN panel to process your orders. You’ll be selling online in no time!

Content Management with WordPress

Great solution for “Mom & Pop” businesses. Tell people online about your business. Show them your products or services and explain to them why your small business will help them. WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms. Let TW Websites build one for your business.

Personal Service

You’ll receive one-on-one personalized service to guide you with presenting your business on the world wide web.


Our small business will help your small business grow. People search online. They need to find you. They need to know what you have to offer.


This town will know your name.

The world will know your website!

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  • Testimonial

    Our Company

    Dedicated to Cutting Edge Design and Customer Satisfaction

    About Our Company

    Todd established TW Websites in 2002.

    We are accustomed to continued changes that can sometimes become challenging for¬†other companies. From the personal computer days, to the mobile smartphone and tablet days, that we’re experiencing now, we’ve learned to adapt to the current technology in order to make websites on the cutting edge. We use Google Analytics, Bing, youtube, and other popular methods to make your website show up as a relevant website on the popular search engine sites, as well as monitor your website’s performance.

    We’ll coach you on how to earn more money from your e-commerce website and how to enhance user experience on your business website. We’re with you every step of the way!

    We allow you the time to conduct your business, while we portray your business for you online! We become an affordable partner.

  • Testimonial

    Todd Cecil

    Owner and Web Specialist

    About Todd Cecil

    Todd Cecil was born on September 23, 1966, in the state of Maryland. A Ford Automotive dealership Parts Department Manager by day and a Web Design Specialist by evening. Todd has been in the Ford Automotive industry since 1984. The website designer title came to him in the year of 2002. Todd can help you with getting your small business website or e-commerce web-store on the world wide web today! Don’t let your business fall behind your competition.

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    My Wife

    About Cheryl

    Cheryl is not an owner or website programmer for TW Websites. Cheryl holds the prestigious position of being my Wife. She regularly inspects our projects in order for us to get an outside opinion of our design, features and functionality. I find that very valuable in order for us to get new websites functioning and looking as good as possible for not only our clients but everyone that would come across your new website on the internet.

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The city never sleeps and neither should your website. Let TW Websites help you open your online website store. Your business will work for you when you’re not there.