Hello . . .  My name is Todd and I have been working for FORD automotive dealerships for most of my career as a Wholesale Parts Representative, Parts Manager, and Parts & Service Director. As a manager/director I really developed great skills to help me quickly develop structure and organization.  This is a key to anything technical like working with computers and websites.

In the late 1990’s I started learning about how to create online websites. I self-taught myself how to build and publish websites online because I thought “how cool” to have a business presence not only with a “brick and mortar” building, BUT anyone could have a business presence online! Even if you are just sitting at home running a business from online.

During a short layoff, I took computer skills classes and achieved my A+ Certification in computer maintenance and repair. 

TODAY . . . I hold a full time job during the day at a local FORD dealership as a Parts Department Manager and in the evenings and weekends I run my business as a website consultant (TW Websites). I also am building my way up to becoming a YouTube Star in my spare time! You can check out some of my YouTube work at my website here:  twHomeShow.com